Golf War Home
When Filipino peasants resist converting their ancestral farmland into a golf resort, they face a bloody struggle against developers and their government. Tracking down both armed guerrillas and golf boosters, including Tiger Woods, the filmmakers reveal a larger, national battle over land and revolution in what the LA Times called a "bombshell of an expose."

Peasants in a beachfront community called Hacienda Looc have been tilling their land for generations. But, the Filipino government decided to follow a U.S. Agency for International Development-funded report that recommended the area instead be used for tourism. The government illegally sold the peasants' land for less than it's worth to the Manila South coast Development Corporation (MSDC). To cover itself, the government later claimed that this fertile mountainous area and tropical paradise was not suited for agriculture. Fil-Estate Land, Inc. is working with the MSDC to develop the Hacienda Looc land into a four-course golf and tourist resort.

When the peasants who live on the land learned of this takeover, they formed an organization called Umalpas-Ka, a chapter of the larger national peasant federation KMP. The developers are working in collusion with the military, as well as with national and local politicians. Meanwhile, three peasant opponents of the golf course construction have been killed. Consequently, many peasants have supported the New People's Army's offer to protect their families and their land.